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Meet Kosmo Kids Pokrovskiy Bereg!

We are opened! Recruiting groups! Entrance fee promotion till October end!

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Special conditions!

Special conditions for our neighbors – to residents of "Pokrovsky Bereg", "Pokrovskie Holmy", "Pokrovskoe Glebovo", "Zodiak", "Alisa" and others.

In the north-west of Moscow, in the Pokrovskoye-Streshnevo district with the streets Beregovaya, Volokolamskoye Shosse, a new branch of the bilingual kindergarten and children's center - Kosmo Kids Pokrovsky Bereg is opened and operating. The kindergarten is located in a picturesque place at the confluence of the Skhodnya River and the Moscow Canal, next to the Pokrovskoye-Streshnevo park-reserve. A set of children from 1 year old are opened in kindergarten groups for a full day - from 8:00 to 20:00, in short stay groups, as well as for additional classes in the following areas: children's musical studio, preparation for school, English, chess, earlier development , music, aikido, ballet and rhythmic gymnastics. The exact address of the branch is Beregovaya Street, Building 4 Building 3, Residential Complex 

Kosmo Kids Pokrovsky Bereg recruits for a full-day kindergarten and for a short-stay group
Call +7 (495) 532-11-02

+74993977077 WhatsApp
and get an individual discount

Classes in Russian

  •      math, logic

  •      construction

  •      speech development

  •      literacy

  •      getting acquainted to baby literature

  •      logo rhythm

  •      sand therapy

  •      classes with a psychologist

  •      classes with a speech therapist   

Classes in two languages

  • acquaintance with the outside world

  • creativity (modeling, drawing, application)

  • music

  • fitness    

English classes

  • classes with a native speaker

  • cooking class

We work on two educational programs at the same time: Russian and British

All rooms and halls for classes are equipped with a video surveillance system with remote monitoring ability

We are located in a closed and guarded residential complex with a fenced playground

We have delicious high-quality freshly prepared food, a balanced menu developed by our nutritionist.

Native speakers from the USA and Britain work in our kindergarten

In the garden there is a personal doctor who examines each child

KosmoKids - is a unique team of professionals.


Experience, skill, a creative approach to business are the qualities that each of us possess. Our goal is to create the most effective environment for the development of children, to help them understand that learning is interesting


In Kosmo Kids Pokrovsky Shore, additional classes are held in creative, musical, sports and developing studios for the following group of ages:

from 1 year: Early development, Music,
from 3 years: Preparing for school, English, Chess, Children's Musical Studio, Aikido, Ballet and Rhythmic Gymnastics

Call +7 (495) 532-11-02

+74993977077 WhatsApp

and get a free trial session! 

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ул.Кировоградская, дом 8 к 4

тел: +7(499)397-70-77

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Космо Кидс Кировоградская


мкр.Чертаново Северное, дом 1А, ЖК Авеню-77

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Берёзовая аллея, дом 17 к 1 ЖК "Грин Парк"

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Москва, м.Ботанический сад

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Москва, м.Текстильщики

2-й Грайвороновский пр-д, 42к2

тел: +7(495)532-11-02 доб.407

Космо Кидс Рязанский пр-т


Москва, м.Стрешнево

ул.Береговая, дом 4 к. 3

тел: +7(495)532-11-02 доб.408

Космо Кидс Покровский Берег

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Москва, м. Молодёжная

Рублёвское шоссе, дом 101

тел: +7(495)532-11-02 доб.410

Космо Кидс Вандер Парк

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